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About Us

Improving businesses around the world with the right set of tools and services.

We combine the latest technology and our expertise to enhance client business, ensuring higher returns and better outcomes. Quzera was launched on a vision to become the leading provider of Search Engine and Social Media Optimization. Our primary focus was to be the apt IT services partner for small and medium sized enterprises and professionals around the world with businesses of their own. Quzera provides the opportunity to break free from the stress and pressures of running a business, through its virtual assistant services that lowers overhead costs and other hassels that could often creep up. Our services help clients create more online visibility, brining in more traffic and generating more leads.

Vision & Mission

Vision: To be the most apt IT partner for small and medium sized enterprises by enhancing business to create higher returns and meet the desired outcome.

Mission: Improving businesses around the world with the right set of tools and services.

Our Team

Mr.Jayakumar Nagoorlingam
Mr.Jayakumar Nagoorlingam

Under the astute leadership of Mr. Jayakumar, Quzera has built a strong relationship with all its clients thus far. Jai, a computer engineer in 2005 saw how Internet marketing was going to take a hold of every industry by storm. A simple vision transpired into a proprietor owned company that soon found clients in India and around the globe. The last 7 years Jai has never missed a target date and his commitment to work and interactions with client has only added to the faith they have come to build on Jai and Quzera.

Maheswari Jayakumar
Mrs.Maheswari Jayakumar

Mrs. Maheswari Jayakumar is the co-founder of Quzera. She is a BE Computer Science graduate and is also the backbone of this organization. She shares the same vision and goals as Jayakumar and together they have met the stringiest of deadlines and kept a good rapport with all Quzera clients. Maheswari heads the accounting team as well.

Mrs.Divya Sivanantham

Mrs.Divya Sivanantham has been with the company from its inception. She is the team leader and has proved her skill in areas of Internet marketing and lead generation. Her experience and hands on knowledge in the field has helped Quzera meet client requirements to its full measure and also to their complete satisfaction.