Internet marketing

Internet Marketing

Quzera knows that business success is highly dependent on how effective your online marketing strategies are. Every strategy we create is after applying our knowledge gathered through the years.

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Internet marketing services and strategies to optimize your business!

Internet Marketing Strategy

Quzera knows that business success is highly dependent on how effective your online marketing strategies are. Every strategy we create is after applying our knowledge gathered through the years. We can help you generate leads, increase brand awareness, promote your products and boost customer retention and response through our flawless internet marketing strategies. Let's help you make the right choices as you reach out to your target audience.

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management or we like to call it “digital clean-up”. The internet is the medium of choice to do a quick background check these days. It makes it so important to have the right news about a company or individual made available to the public. Quzera has experience in helping individuals build a positive presence online through effective media profiles, press releases and web content. We do a continuous monitoring of our efforts to make sure positive results are here to stay and find out if any post or content on the individual or company was added recently.

Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing

We believe that internet visibility is only half the job done. Quzera has helped many a company find a place in the first page through organic search of leading search engines. While SEO is important, a website truly stands to make business when its internet marketing functions begin to click. We offer a range of SEM services that is guaranteed to maximize visits and revisits and help you generate more business. We make your website friendly to search engines and its users.

Social Media Optimization & Social Media Marketing

We can help you brand your company better through social media. With more and more people around the globe choosing to be part of a preferred social media network sharing photos and videos of interest, the chances to increase awareness of your brand and products is simply huge. We could get an online discussion going, promote a blog or even work on a video to go viral. Our experts hold deep experience in helping companies promote their products over the internet and call in quality traffic to their website.

Conversion Optimization

Let us help you convert a visitor to a customer. At Quzera, we know how to bring your web visitor to a point of purchase. Conversion optimization is today the new SEO strategy. It’s fast, affordable and promises to boost online sales conversion. Quzera executes a series of tests to understand how the content of your website pushes your customer to the point of purchase. We then provide you with all the necessary details to boost customer experience to drive the sale. Remember the higher the conversion rate, the more added to the profits.

Pay Per Click

Does your website need immediate traffic? Would you like to have the edge over organic searches? Then Pay Per Click (PPC) is just the advertising means for you. This form of website / product advertising on search engines appears as the first choices on a search page and has proved to be highly effective and successful. Advertisers are only charged when their ads are clicked. PPC requires a well written ad and the proper understanding of the amount to be bid on each advertisement. Quzera is trained and certified to do just that.

Email Marketing

One of the most commonly used digital marketing techniques is e-mail marketing and for good reason too. It is cost effective, generate sales and create a lasting impression on those who come upon it. We hold years of experience in e-mail marketing and have helped many small and medium enterprises over the years. Our e-mail marketing techniques have helped clients reach their target audience with relative ease. Our email designs are spam proof and we maintain contact list of thousands, increasing your client base.