Virtual assistance

Virtual Assistance

Quzera is your one stop virtual assistant capable to provide you a set of internet marketing functionalities assured to boost your market presence online.Choosing us as your Virtual assistant (VA) means more opportunity to focus better at the core business, better control over your tasks thereby improving productivity, quality, and profit.

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Your Internet marketing business assistant to meet all your online marketing needs!

We offer a number of internet marketing services under the umbrella of Virtual Assistant. Our assistants make sure your tasks are completed on time and accurately. Now you can save on time, space and overhead costs. With Quzera you only need to pay for the time and service you choose and nothing more. Read through some of our VA services and let us know how we can help you with your internet marketing and web based activities.

Dedicated Virtual Assistance

A partner capable to understand and provide all the virtual support service needed!

Whether it be adding to the productivity or increasing performance, Quzera can be your most trusted remote partner to getting there. Our professional expertise and the latest in technology allows us to be your personal virtual assistance to meet all your remote assistant needs. As dedicated assistants we help your business through services such as market research, research for authors, research for real estate and other recurring jobs. Choose Quzera and minimize your business costs while shooting up productivity.

  • Market Research
  • Research for Authors
  • Research for Real Estate
Lead Generation

Enjoy higher conversion success rates than cold calls with our Lead Generation Service guaranteeing over 5000 pre-qualified prospects to boost your business.

Lead generation has become such a vital part of direct marketing these days. Organizations have come to realize the strength gained by teaming up with a service partner who could provide leads on a consistent basis. Quezera has provided lead generation assistance to many a company in the last 7 years of its operation. Consider us as as an extension of your sales and marketing teams, providing you with quality leads that comprise the contact information of key decision makers and budget holders. With the right combination of technology and talents, Quzera is capable to generate pre qualified leads in a short time, giving you an edge over the competition.

Database Maintenance

The success of your demand generation services effort is invariably dependent on how the quality, accuracy and comprehensiveness of the database you work with.

Marketing experts around the world has recognized the need for a comprehensive marketing database management for an effective campaign. There is a constant requirement for new data and Quzera is your database building and web maintenance partner. We work along with you to understand your marketing strategies and and areas of focus. Once that is complete, we will help build your database with our data management services. Your database would be up-to-date with all the latest address and contacts in the related field.

  • Data Capture
  • Database Building
  • Database Verification
  • Data Cleansing
Catalog Processing
Catalog Processing

Turn Key Catalog processing Services

The internet has recreated the business world with Choice, Convenience and Comparison. More and more customers are coming to realize the benefits of having access to any item they choose and not having to wait in a line. Companies realized that an online catalog can create the same experience as paper shopping. Catalog processing services over the internet is time consuming. There is the continuous product entry and updating that is required and man power to complete the job is sometimes hard to find. That's where we come in.

  • Product Entry
  • Product Category Management
  • Taxonomy Development
  • Product Description Writing
  • Product Image Editing